The Biewald Orthographic Visualization Battery

The Biewald Orthographic Visualization Battery (BOVB) represents a reliable instrument for use in engineering graphics education. Analysis of the BOVB indicates that there is evidence of predictive validity for academic outcomes when used as both a pre-and post-test.

In 1969, Edward Carl Biewald, as part of his dissertation, developed the Visualization Test of Three Dimensional Orthographic Shape. This test has been out of print since 1972 and, other than Biewald’s original dissertation and some online references to the booklet in which the test was originally distributed, has fallen out of public consciousness. When this test was originally discussed as a potential assessment tool for research, copyright issues emerged as the publishing company had not been in business since 1972 and by all accounts, Dr. Biewald was deceased. After an exhaustive search, Dr. Biewald was located having retired in Connecticut. We sought and obtained permission directly from Dr. Biewald to reintroduce the test for a new study and use in engineering graphics research and instruction.

The original instrument was digitized and renamed to honor the work of Dr. Biewald. We would like to sincerely thank and commend Dr. Edward Biewald for his service to education, his contribution to the field of engineering graphics, and his enthusiastic permission to reintroduce the instrument he created.